3 Tools to Help You Hit Your Goals as a Side Hustler

3 Tools to Hit Your Goals as a Side Hustler

Launching a side business is no easy task, and while learning and grinding are a MUST..

It's always a good thing to have a few tools to make your business success more favorable.

Starting a business as a side hustler will require you to use tools that are lean but highly effective.

These tools will help you keep on track, take notes (written and recorded) and stay laser focused on critical tasks daily.

Juggling your 9-to-5 work and running a side hustle is not easy so you will need tools to keep you sharp.

Using the right tools will make all the difference in your success as a side hustler.

Today I'm going to share with you 3 FREE and very low cost tools to help you launch and grow your business.


Evernote is probably the most critical tool that I use personally on a daily basis and so should you.

It's an app designed for note taking, organizing and archiving data no matter where you go.

If you're not doing this already... you should start taking notes of interesting thoughts and observations.

Evernote was built specifically for this...

Successful entrepreneurs before you use to take a pen and notepad everywhere they went. 

Now you have the luxury of having smartphones to do this for you without having to keep up with with written notes.

If you discover a problem in the marketplace.... put it in the app as a note.

If you come across an interesting product that can be improved... put it in the app as a picture.

If you hear an interesting comment during a speech... put it in the app as a recording.

Using Evernote is a sure way to keep up all your important information on a daily basis.

Pomodoro App

There are a variety of options to choose from when using the Pomodoro app.

I use to struggle with staying focused on a particular task over an extended period of time.

I listen to an awesome podcast called Entrepreneur on Fire by John Lee Dumas.... and so should you.

During one of his daily podcasts, he mentioned the Pomodoro app in which he uses to keep focused on his daily tasks....

Light bulb moment for me!

As you set your daily tasks, John recommends using the Pomodoro app to time block your work to ensure it gets done.

Not only get done, but within a specific period of time and without distractions or multi-tasking.

This tool helps you focus on ONE task, away from social media and other time-consuming things we fall victim to daily.

John has provided me with a ton of great advice during my journey and I highly recommend you start following him as well.

The Daily Bar Planner

The Daily Bar Planner is a great way for you to manage your schedule on a daily basis. 

Credit - http://bulletjournal.com/daily-plan-bar/

If you're struggling with using a digital daily planner then the Daily Bar Planner is a great option.

I wake up every morning at 4:30 AM, then generally get my tasks started around 5 AM.

So I start my planner at that time and run through the end of day for my last task or appointment.

This is a great way to visualize your tasks and check them off as you go.

Using this in combination with the Pomodoro app is a sure way to stay on task.


As an entrepreneur, you're tasked with wearing several hats... definitely in the beginning:

managing development projects, social media, marketing, designs, customer support, you name it.

There isn't an easy path through, but these tools are designed to make it more manageable. Hop in and test out a few.

Taking a test run of these tools and analyzing how they fit into making your business successful is critical.

Understand that they will be a learning curve with a few of them but the more you use them they will become easier to use.

Share what tools you like to use below that I didn't mention.

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