Launching a Startup or Online Business? Awesome. You're in the right place to learn how to start a full-time or side hustle business without ANY tech skills and little to $0!

You can have the best ideas in the world, but launching the is hard. Really hard. If you don't know how to code, have a huge budget or the right steps you'll just be stuck with "good ideas"... that's it! I know this for sure because for years I had amazing ideas but struggle to start a business.

This is my personal blog, filled with all the tools you need to start your business as a non-technical owner. Here you will learn all my tips, strategies, and hacks to start a business for the person that doesn't know 'lick' of code.

Blog posts, videos, courses, and guides all designed specifically to help you get 'un-stuck' and launching a successful business.

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My Story

About 6 years ago I got really serious about starting my own business and entrepreneurship. So naturally I came up with great idea after great idea, only to hit the wall of shame.... I don't know a lick of code to bring my ideas to life and start a business. On top of that, outside of work I didn't know any developers personally and certainly didn't have thousands of dollars to pay for one. I was devastated and frustrated all in one. Maybe you can relate.

But I knew that had to be away around this for non-technical aspiring entrepreneurs like myself. Around 2016 I came across a set of tools using  suitable for non-technical entrepreneurs to launch a business 100% with no code and no longer begging developers to join your business. In early 2017 I was able to launch and sell an appointment booking business, and now Co-Founder to two other companies partnering with non-technical founders. I started Startups With No Code with you in mind to help you get over the hurdles I faced in the past.

My sole mission is to give you the step-by-step blueprint to come up with awesome ideas, 100% without code, and without wasting thousands of dollars to launch.

The 'No Code Solution'

In 2016 I started finding more and more solutions catered to the non-technical entrepreneur. 

For so many years I went through the pain of starting a business because I couldn't get over the technical aspects of building a business. It was in 2016 that I went from struggling to now launching small to mid-size companies without learning how to code. This is when I learned the power of visual programming and connecting platforms together: payment processors, input forms, databases, etc.

This is when I went from struggling to thriving entrepreneur.

Because I mastered using these tools, ever since I have been able to take ideas, find the right set of tools, and launch my business to start earning revenue.


This transitioned me in to freelancing and consulting where I started building blogs, websites, and apps for businesses locally and nationally. Then 1-on-1 coaching helping people just like to you to take their ideas from their head and into a thriving business.

Ever since then I have been able to create multiple streams of income with multiple small to mid-size businesses that I have created. All of this without a technology degree, learning how to to code or relying on a develop to create anything for me.

I now have the confidence and endless capabilities to virtually take any idea and turn it into a business.

It will be the same for you, and I'm excited to see it happen!

3 Day Freelance Course

Think about an awesome skill that you currently have and giving it away to others for free or that you do at your job. Build websites, graphic design, photographer, event planning and other cool stuff. In this course you're going to learn how to turn that into a business that will earn you revenue without a website and spending any money on advertising. 

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Business Idea Accelerator

Do you find it hard coming up with startup or business ideas? If so, then the Business Idea Accelerator program was built just for you. We use our network of people to extract 'real-world' programs that translates to amazing business ideas and bring them back to this community. Curated list of business ideas, tips, tools, guides, and collaborate with a community of like-minded entrepreneurs.

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Non-Tech MBA

Want to start a business but not sure what step to take first? Non-Tech MBA is a 9-module program jam-packed with all the tips and tricks specifically designed for non-technical entrepreneurs. The program comes with self-guided videos courses, business strategies, community collaboration, weekly camp-fires, and on-going mastermind sessions.

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Startups With No Code Podcast

My weekly podcast is where I get to speak to you directly as my valued audience. The Startups With No Code Podcast gives me the opportunity to share the tools that I'm using, strategies, guides, and motivation. And from time to time I try to add a little humor.... bare with as I'm clearly not a comedian. I do this on an app called Anchor, simply click the button below and you will be taken directly there to download on either iPhone or Android. See you there!

Don't have a business idea?

FREE Course: Launch Your Freelance Business in 3 Days!

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